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Student generated questions

Page history last edited by Barbara A. Jansen 11 years, 8 months ago

what do we do with our free time?

Do we have free time?

where/ what do we live in?

avg children #?


Who do we work for?

 how do people treat us?

 how do we treat other people?

 Marriage restrictions?

life expectancy?

how were the vaishyas treated in society each day?

what were the daily practices?

what were the positives and negatives of life as a vaishyas? why might it be better to be in a another group?

what activities were you aloud to participate in on a daily basis?

how was family life?

what kind of labor? education? power? did you have

what was the worst part of the day? best?

did you want to be in a different class?

how important was religion?

Where do we live?

What do we do?

What do we do in our free time? Do we even have any free time?

Do we get married? Have children?

Do we do daily religious practices?

How is marriage determined?

What is the festival of lights? What do we do?

How are we treated? How do we interact with other castes?

1.    What is our occupation?

2.    What is our daily routine?

3.    How does a bad/good day of business affect our life?

4.    What is our family like?

5.    What does the Dawalli festival let us do for this holiday?

6.    What is the basis of our faith and religions have us do on a daily basis?

7.    What is the difference between our position in society now and the way it used to be?

8.    Do we like the way it is now?

9.    Who would we encounter on a daily basis? Would we look forward to seeing them or not?

10.    How does our position in society affect the successfulness of our life?

What food are we allowed to eat

What happen if we touch someone of a higher caste

How do we celebrate the festival of lights

How do we interact within society

What jobs can we have

Are there any stores we can’t enter

Are court decisions on us harsher because of our caste

Can we go to school

Are we allowed to enter temples

Can we get Healthcare

Do we Have quality healthcare

What are the differences in their daily lives?

What parts do they take care of in religious ceremonies?

What do they eat?

What are the differences between the male and females?

What are their living conditions?

What do they wear?

Are they allowed to wear jewelry?

How do they deal with people in other castes?

What kind of hair style do they have?

What is their duty to the lower classes?

What are their daily rituals?

How do they celebrate Diwali?

Which classes work for them?

How are they involved in society and the economy?

How do they treat the lower classes and the people that work directly for them?

How do they rule over the people?

Where/How do they live?

What jobs do you have performed by the servants?

What is the festival of lights and how are they involved in it?

What values do they follow from the Vedas?

How many times a day do they pray?

How do they practice their religion?

What is their family like?

How are they involved in public festivals and activities?

Is there any gender discrimination in the Brahman class?

1.    Where are you from in India/Region/City?

2.    What do you do all day 7 days in a week?

a.    Various jobs

3.    On the 5th day of your week the festival of Diwali begins, how do you plan to celebrate the "festival of lights"?

4.    What is your family like?

5.    What are your hobbies?

6.    What are the heartaches and dreams of your life?

7.    What is the best time of day?

8.    How do you interact with members from other castes?

9.    How will this look in a journal entry?

10.    What is the festival of Diwali?

11.    How are you treated by the different castes?

12.    What kind of house/shelter do you live in?

13.    What are your rights?

14.    What are some of your possessions?

15.    What are some religious ceremonies and practices you perform?

16.    What food do you eat/How large is your food supply?

17.    What holidays do you celebrate/you are allowed to celebrate?

Where do I live?

How much money do I make?

How am I treated?

What jobs are there in this caste?

 What is the festival of lights?

How do I interact with the people below me?

Do the people below me work for me?

How much power do i have over the people below me?

What is my daily job?

How do i work with the people below me?

In my job do i work for other people?

Do i have power in my job?

1. What are brahmins?

2. What is their role in society?

3. What are the advantages of being a brahmin?

4. Where do brahmins live in society?

5. Where are the children sent to school?

1.    What jobs do Pariahs have?

2.    How do people abuse us?

3.    Where do we live?

4.    Do we make money?

5.    What do we do in Diwali?

6.    What languages do Pariahs speak?

7.    Where do we go to school?

8.    Do we have basic toiletries?

9.    Where do we go to the bathroom?

10.    Do we have any rights?

1)    What kind of jobs do Vaishyas hold?

2)    How are they treated in the caste system?

3)    How would Diwali affect the Vaishyas?

4)    What is Diwali?

5)    Why do they celebrate Diwali?

6)    How much power does the Diwali have, if any?

7)    What is the average life span of the Vaishyas?

8)    Where would the Vaishyas live?

9)    Do they caste systems interact?

10)    How big are the Vaishyas’ families?

11)    How much they get paid?

12)    How many times do they go to the movies?

13)    What do they do in their spare time?

14)    What are their daily activities?

15)    What language do they speak?

16)    What kind of clothes do they wear?

17)    Do they drive cars?

18)    Do they have secure  Car Transport?

19)    How long is their work day?

20)    Do they have people that work for them?

21)    Do they have plumbing?

What are Kshatriyas today?

2. How common was it to be a Kshatriya?

3. How did the holiday, dwaswadi?, affect the kshatriyas?

4. What power did they have over lower caste?

5. What jobs do they have/ did have?

Harijan/Dalit Questions

•    What is Dwali?

•    What kind of jobs are the untouchables given?

•    Where do the untouchables live?

•    How do untouchables use Hinduism in their everyday life?

•    What is their income?

•    What is the mortality rate per year?

•    What is the reproduction rate?

•    Do the untouchables have insurance?


1.)    Who are the Brahmins?

2.)    What social activities do they attend?

3.)    What do they do in their spare time?

4.)    How do they treat people in the other castes?

5.)    What kind of lifestyles do they lead?

6.)    What kind of jobs do they have?

7.)    How many people are in the Brahmin caste?

What is diwali? What is our daily life like? How do we celebrate diwali? How do we interact with other castes? How does Hinduism affect our class? (religious traditions) What kinds of jobs do we do? Do we have arranged marriages? Where do we live? What types of food do we eat? What types of clothing do we wear? How much money do we make?

1.    What constitutes an Untouchable?

2.    What kinds of jobs do Untouchables do?

3.    How much do Untouchables get paid?

4.    How are the Dalits treated by the rest of society?

5.    What specific laws regulate what the Dalits can and cannot do?

6.    How long is an average workday for a Dalit?

7.    What is a family life like for an Untouchable?

8.    Can Dalits participate in religious festivals? If so what is their role?

9.    Is there any chance of ever moving up?

•    Where do they get food and clothes?

•    What type of jobs do they have?

•    What kind of role in society do they have? Do people respect them? Do they have any control over others?

•    How do they interact with other castes?

•    What is their family life like?

•    What is their spiritual life?

•    What do they do for recreation?

•    What is this festival? And how do they participate in it?

What is our role in society?

What effects on rest of society?

What is our relationship to other castes?

What are effects on individual based on place in caste system?

A.    Jobs

B.    Houses

C.    How treated by society

-    Do Shudras have to go to different religious building or sit in certain places?

D.    Religion

E.    Rituals

F.    Family

-    Kids (how many)

G.    School

H.    Burial

I.    Clothing

J.    General Lifestyle

K.    Marriage

L.    Population


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